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First Manga Appearance: Chapter 1
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
Name Meaning: Uzumaki="Whirlpool", Naruto=A steamed fish-paste cake, also a maelstrom
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Rank: Genin
Age: 15
Squad: Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi/Yamato
Notable Features: Jinchuuriki host to Nine-tailed Demon Fox, Constant drive to become Hokage and be respected, Able to make connections easily with people
Notable Quotes: Until I become Hokage, I refuse to die!
Special Abilities: Rasengan, Usage of Kyuubi Chakra  

A Genin from the village of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto is the container for the Kyuubi Demon Fox. Shortly after he was born, the Kyuubi attacked the village. To stop the demon the Fourth Hokage was forced to imprison it into the body of the young baby Naruto. As Naruto grew up the adults in Leaf Village saw Naruto as the demon fox itself. This feeling was passed on to their children who also looked down on Naruto. Growing up Naruto did not have anyone who really cared him. Because of this Naruto has grown up seeking to have everyone recognize him as being a skilled ninja. To that end his goal is to surpass the Hokage.

Though he did not have many friends early in life, Naruto gained many in his development as a ninja. His teammates Sakura and Kakashi still remain close to Naruto and he has grown close to the other ninja who he became Genin with. Naruto was a boy without clear direction until the Sannin Jiraiya entered his life to help him control the Kyuubi to his own needs. With that help, Naruto has been able to push his power to new heights, of recent though this power has potentially gotten the better of him.

Naruto has remained a Genin due to his travels outside of Konoha with Jiraiya. His friends have advanced while he has remained stuck. Do not let this fool you though. While his rank may be low, his skill level remains high and his drive to one day become Hokage still remains strong.

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