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First Manga Appearance: Chapter 36
First Anime Appearance: Naruto Episode 21
Name meaning: Hyuuga=Towards the sun, Neji="Screw"
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Rank: Jounin
Age: 17
Jounin Master: Might Guy
Notable Features: Cousin of Hyuuga Hinata, Tends to act better than everyone else
Notable Quotes: "A loser, is always a loser."
See also: Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Hiashi, Hyuuga Hizashi, Rock Lee, Ten-Ten, Might Guy

A Genin from the village of Konoha, Neji is the heir to the Branch family of the Hyuuga clan. This clan is known for its ability to use the Byakugan, a unique eye ability that lets the user view the internal chakra highway of his or her opponent.
Hyuuga Neji carried an extreme hatred for the main family of the Hyuuga line. He grew up believing that the main family had killed his father as a demand of Lightning Country. The Lightning Country had demanded the body of the main family's Hiashi, what they got was the body of Hiashi's twin Hizashi. After Neji's loss to Naruto in the third test of the Chuunin Exam, Hiashi Hyuuga went to Neji to let him know the truth.

Seeing Neji's abilities Hiashi realized that Neji was ready to know what had really happened in the past. Neji was then told that his father himself made the choice to sacrifice his life. As a branch family member, Hizashi, like his son Neji, had a cursed seal placed upon his forehead which forced them to protect the main family or else they would face death. Hizashi saw the demand for his brother's body and asked that they use his body instead. He did it not because of love, but because by choosing death it would have been the first choice he could have freely made in protecting Neji, his family and the village. Taking his father words to heart to choose his own destiny and Naruto's similar words during their match, Neji changed his outlook on life and seeks to better himself with a brighter hope for the future.

Neji would join Naruto, Kiba, Chouji and Shikamaru in their mission to retrieve Sasuke from Sound. Neji would square off against Sound ninja Kidoumaru. The match proved difficult and bloody, with Neji having to sacrifice his body to finally take out his opponent. He pushed himself to live up to the ideal of what other ninja saw the Hyuuga as, the best of the best, and the greatest clan in Konoha. Luckily medical ninja soon found Neji and rushed him back to the village for care. With the expert treatment of Shizune and Tsunade, his body was repaired and his life saved.

In following years Neji would continue to push his limits and perfect his skill as a ninja. He would take the Chuunin Exam and pass, and then later advance to the rank of Jounin. When Team 7 needed help in rescuing Gaara from Akatsuki, he joined his fellow teammates Guy, TenTen and Lee in traveling to the River Country. There he helped fight Hoshigaki Kisame and later his own clone created through Akatsuki's protective sealing jutsu.

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