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irst Manga Appearance: Chapter 118
First Anime Appearance: Naruto Episode 69
Name meaning: Second Fire Shadow
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Real Name: Senju Tobirama (Senju=A name, sen=thousand ju=hands; Tobirama=The space between two doors)
Rank: Kage
Notable Features: Younger brother of Shodai Hokage, Uses Suiton techniques (though they may just be one facet of his jutsu arsenal)
Current Status: Deceased
See also: First Hokage, Third Hokage

The Second Hokage, born Senju Tobirama, helped found the village of Leaf with the help of his older brother the First Hokage. After the death of his brother he inherited the Hokage title and developed the infrastructure of the village.
During his tenure as Hokage, Nidaime used a sword in battle called the "Raijin" sword. The sword emitted a short blade made of a hard lightning-like material. After his death the sword would remain in the village until Leaf ninja Aoi betrayed the village and had it stolen and delivered to Hidden Rain as a gift. Aoi would use the Raijin in battle, and the blade eventually broke after the combined effects of a Chidori and Rasengan. It is unknown what happened to his sword after Aoi's defeat.

During the invasion of Leaf by Sand and Sound, Orochimaru used the forbidden jutsu Edo Tensei to bring the Second Hokage back from the dead to fight for him. The Third Hokage had to utilize the Fourth Hokage's Shiki Fuujin technique to remove the Second's soul and send him back to the beyond.

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