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First Manga Appearance: Chapter 118
First Anime Appearance: Naruto Episode 69
Name meaning: First Fire Shadow
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Real Name: Senju Hashirama (Senju=A name, sen=thousand ju=hands; Hashirama=The space between two pillars)
Rank: Kage
Notable Features: Older brother of Nidaime Hokage, Has calm and collected mind
Current Status: Deceased
See also: Second Hokage, Third Hokage

The First Hokage, born Senju Hashirama, helped found the village of Leaf with the help of his younger brother the Second Hokage.
Shodai was the leader of the Senju Clan of the Forest, a family of ninja who were hired by countries to fight in their wars. Along with the Uchiha, the Senju was one of the top shinobi clans. For a time the two clans battled but they later aligned with the Uchiha under Uchiha Madara. Together they founded Konoha. Unfortunately, a dispute arose between the two men and they did battle at an area later known as the Valley of the End. A statuary monument was later erected on that spot in their honor.

The First Hokage was the grandfather of the Sannin Tsunade. He was unique in his ability to use Mokuton (Tree Element) techniques. Shodai was also said to be able to control the Bijuu (tailed beasts) to his will. This power was coveted by Orochimaru, and he sought out Shodai's tissue and infused his genes into the bodies of 60 children. All but one of the children died. The survivor would go on to become a skilled ANBU code-named "Yamato." He would inherit Shodai's ability to control Mokuton and the Bijuu.

Later during the invasion of Leaf by Sand and Sound, Orochimaru used the forbidden jutsu Edo Tensei to bring the First Hokage back from the dead to fight for him. The Third Hokage had to utilize the Fourth Hokage's Shiki Fuujin technique to remove the First's soul and send him back to the beyond.

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