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First Manga Appearance: Chapter 36
First Anime Appearance: Naruto Episode 21
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Rank: Chuunin
Age: 17
Jounin Master: Might Guy
Signature Abilities: Konoha Senpuu, Omote Renge
Notable Features: Crush on Haruno Sakura, Unable to use Genjutsu or Ninjutsu.
Notable Quotes: "Sakura... Love." *winks hearts at Sakura much to her disgust*
See also: Hyuuga Neji, Ten-Ten, Might Guy

A Genin from the village of Konoha, Rock Lee wanted above all else than to become a ninja. Unfortunately Lee was unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, forcing him to train and excel in hand to hand Taijutsu. Being placed on the same team as the Bloodline genius Hyuuga Neji also motivated Lee. Neji saw those with a genius ability as better than a normal ninja. This motivated Lee to prove that hard work and training could overcome genius and make him the better ninja.Rock Lee participated in the Chuunin exam with his teammates Neji and Ten-Ten. He made it to the preliminaries of the third round but was defeated by Gaara of the Sand. Lee was forced to use a Kinjutsu forbidden technique to try and beat Gaara, however he pushed his body beyond its limits and damaged his muscles. He was then further injured by the crushing jutsu of Gaara's, which badly damaged his bones.

After the match Lee was told he would be unable to become a ninja due to the extent of the injuries. When Tsunade returned to Leaf Village she examined Lee's injuries. She determined that surgery was possible to repair the damage, however, there was also a 50% chance the surgery could result in Lee's death. Lee decided fulfilling his ninja way was worth the risk so Tsunade operated on him. The surgery proved to be a success and Lee was able to continue his ninja training.

Lee then hurried after Team Shikamaru as they rushed to return Sasuke. Lee arrived just in time to assist Naruto fight Kimimaro. Unfortunately when Lee left the hospital he grabbed Tsunade's sake bottle instead of his medicine. When he ingested the sake he got inebriated and used Suiken to confuse Kimimaro. Though he managed to connect several times, Kimimaro began to get the upper hand, until Gaara arrived. Sent alongside his siblings to help the group, Lee watched as Gaara put Kimimaro away for good. The two young men also had the opportunity to connect and put the past behind them.

Lee and the rest would return to the village unable to save Sasuke. Over the following years Lee advanced his skills and his rank, passing the Chuunin Exam. Shortly after Naruto returned to the village after training with Jiraiya, a new mission came in. Gaara had been abducted by Akatsuki and Team Gai was sent to help Team Kakashi. Lee helped his team fight the faux-Kisame and also battled their doppelgangers. Fortunately Naruto managed to save Gaara and Sand ninja Chiyo gave her life to bring him back to life. Lee then returned to Konoha with his team to await their next mission.

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